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Jonas Siegel 145, Joshua Kloke 102, Jonas Siegel and James Mirtle 53, Omar White 33, Kevin Papetti 29 More Sean Fitz-Gerald 21, James Mirtle 19, Hailey Salvian 19, Cam Charron 11, Sean McIndoe 10, Pierre LeBrun 10, The Athletic Staff 10, Jonas Siegel and The Athletic Staff 7, The Athletic NHL Staff 7, Dom Luszczyszyn 5, Joshua Kloke and The Athletic Staff 5, Scott Wheeler 4, Jonas Siegel and Joshua Kloke 4, Corey Pronman 3, Jonas Siegel and Dom Luszczyszyn 2, Sean Gentille and Dom Luszczyszyn 2, Shayna Goldman and Dom Luszczyszyn 2, Harman Dayal 2, Joe Smith 2, Michael Russo and Sean Gentille 2, Joshua Kloke and Harman Dayal 2, Eric Duhatschek and Dom Luszczyszyn 1, Corey Pronman, Peter Baugh 1, Shayna Goldman 1, Joshua Kloke and Peter Baugh 1, Joshua Kloke and Tarik El-Bashir 1, Thomas Drance and Joshua Kloke 1, Mark Lazerus and Scott Powers 1, Joshua Kloke and Corey Masisak 1, Jeremy Rutherford and Joshua Kloke 1, Jeremy Rutherford and Jonas Siegel 1, Rhiannon Walker 1, Joshua Kloke and Aaron Portzline 1, Scott Powers and Jonas Siegel 1, Sean Gentille and Corey Pronman 1, Sean Gentille, Shayna Gol 1, James Mirtle and Jonas Siegel 1, John Vogl 1, Scott Wheeler and Joshua Kloke 1, James Mirtle and Joe Smith 1, Dom Luszczyszyn and Shayna Goldman 1, Joshua Kloke and Joe Smith 1, Jonas Siegel and Scott Powers 1, Jonas Siegel and Ian Mendes 1, Josh Yohe 1 Dom Luszczyszyn, Corey P 1, Ian Mendes and Joshua Kloke 1, Jonas Siegel and The Athletic NHL Staff 1, Dom Luszczyszyn, Shayna Gol 1, Sean Gentille 1, Jesse Granger 1, Daniel Nugent-Bowman 1, Tarik El-Bashir 1 Fewer

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