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Michael DiStefano and David Morassutti 200, Steve Dangle, Adam Wylde and Jesse Blake 116, Norman James and Mike Augello 111, James Roberts 68, Rob Furnish and Ryan Furnish 50More, Jonas Siegel and James Mirtle 44, Trevor Bast and Sean Orr 43, Andrew Forbes, Peter Baracchini and Alex Hobson 39, David Morassutti 31, Cole Hayes and Ben Hodgson 31, Roscoe, The Fanalyst, Suthy, Biehner and Darty Brodeur 29, Chris & Syl 29, Ryan Savein, Paul Ananiadis and Zac Mullan 29, Stephen, Ryan & Tim 22, Nick Ashbourne and Anthony Petrielli 20, Jim Tatti 18, Nick Richard, Keith Whipple and Cam MacEachern 16, Michael Lepore and Anthony Bruno 15, Jack Chapman, Nick Chapman and Corey Chapman 15, David Alter 14, Michael DiStefano 11, Chad & Dale 9, Peter Baracchini and Jim Parsons 9, Harnish Patel and Fouad Suleiman 9, Arvind and Acting the Fulemin 8, Pat Lorusso 7, Armaan Panthaki and Lauren Williamson 6, Roscoe and Biehner 6, Mike Wilson and Rick Vaive 4, Fouad Suleiman 4, Harnish Patel and Lauren Williamson 4, Roscoe and Suthy 4, Harnish Patel and Armaan Panthaki 3, Roscoe, Suthy and Biehner 3, Locked on NHL 2, Lauren Williamson 2, Helen Marukh and Elizabeth Malcolm 2, Spencer Lazary, Scott Lazary and Kyle Gillies 2, Armaan Panthaki and Fouad Suleiman 2, Fouad Suleiman and Lauren Williamson 2, Lauren Williamson and Andrew Berkshire 1, Jack Chapman and Nick Chapman 1, Corey Chapman 1, Anthony Petrielli 1, Jack Chapman 1, Roscoe, Suthy, Biehner and Darty Brodeur 1, Armaan Panthaki, Fouad Suleiman and Lauren Williamson 1, Armaan Panthaki 1, Roscoe, Biehner and Darty Brodeur 1, Harnish Patel 1 Fewer

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