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Steve Dangle, Adam Wylde and Jesse Blake 479, Norman James and Mike Augello 379, Michael DiStefano 329, Jonas Siegel and James Mirtle 234, Trevor Bast and Sean Orr 179 More Arvind and Acting the Fulemin 166, Chad & Dale 130, James Roberts 110, Ian Tulloch 104, Pat Lorusso 73, Helen Marukh and Elizabeth Malcolm 70, Robb Ellis 69, Jim Tatti 63, James Roberts and Doug Ireland 63, Nick DeSouza and Kevin Papetti 58, Ian Tulloch and Theomarcus Giannou 56, Michael DiStefano and Andrew Zuber 46, Chris and Syl 46, Mike Wilson and Rick Vaive 44, Justin Cuthbert and Mike Stephens 43, Nick Richard, Keith Whipple and Cam MacEachern 43, Ian Tulloch and Anthony Petrielli 37, Ari Shapiro and Kamal Rehman 36, Alec Brownscombe and Callum Fraser 32, Andrew Forbes, Peter Baracchini and Alex Hobson 30, Chris Okrainetz, Omar L and Jake Middleton 30, Adam Wylde and Sasky Stewart 30, Jacob Stoller and Mike Stephens 27, Helen Marukh, Jensine Jones and Melissa LoParco 26, Ely Justin 26, David Alter and Joshua Kloke 19, Bob McCown 15, Andrew Zuber 14, Paul Hendrick 12, Chris Lund and Adam Proteau 10, Don Cherry 10, JP Nikota 10, Kyle Outridge 7, Alec Brownscombe, Anthony Petrielli and Declan Kerin 5, Mike Augello 4, Michael DiStefano and HardevLad 2, Jillian McLeod 1, Norman James 1, Doug Ireland and Rino Mattucci 1 Fewer

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Rankings: January 2022

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2Old Prof
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